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Outdoor Kitchens Are the New Entertainment Spaces

Of all the trends in today’s home renovation market, the most popular is to build outdoor kitchens. They add style and function to the structure, as well as increase the resale value significantly. Friends and family will happily accept party and dinner invitations. You’ll be “the place” to be for the summer.

An outdoor kitchen can be constructed in an enclosed porch, on a patio or deck, near the poolside or in a gazebo. There really is no limit of where it can be installed. As long as any wiring and plumbing conform to local building codes, you’ll be entertaining in no time.

The most amazing thing about building your own outdoor kitchen is the ability to customize everything, from countertop height to cabinet depth. The ability to plan for accessible use is accomplished from the beginning.

Outdoor kitchen designs can be incorporated into any existing space, even those “odd-shaped” areas in older homes. U-shaped, L-shaped, round, bar-style and island style are just a few ideas any homeowner can build.

Building materials are just as diverse. Wood, faux wood, metal, stone, brick and more can be used to build an outdoor kitchen. The best part about stone and brick is they will last for decades with minimal maintenance. On the other hand, if a redesign is desired, it will take work to remove it and start over.

Allow our outdoor kitchen pictures to inspire ideas for a perfect match to the house’s structure. Any material or shape is possible. Whether the idea is traditional, utilitarian or fanciful, anything can be built. Stone and brick styles are popular choices, as they will last for decades with minimal maintenance. Choose a stone countertop and have a fire pit installed to cook kabobs and fish without a full-sized barbecue pit.

Even if your new outdoor kitchen is uncovered, today’s outdoor kitchen appliances are made to withstand the weather. Refrigerators, stoves, outdoor kitchen grills, sinks, dishwashers are part of the possibilities. Full entertainment centers can be incorporated into the design. This allows your new space to be enjoyed to its fullest. The new outdoor entertainment area can become the new staycation spot for the family.

The days of rushing to move everything inside in the rain are over. Install a patio cover or umbrellas over your new kitchen and continue to enjoy cooking and entertaining outside. There is no need to worry about the appliances in the rain. The stove and sink come with protective covers and the refrigerator is located under the countertop.

Either design and build your own, or hire any number of specialists to create your dream. Always check with local building codes first, and check out companies before you hire them.